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Going to the Doctor

Going to the doctor is something that many dads do not like to do. If you are like I used to be, scheduling a doctor's visit is something on your "To Do List", but you never find the time to go. A majority of men do not like to go to the doctor. Why is that? What's so scary about the doctors and dentist that has us avoiding them like the plague?

In the video below, my daughter accompanies me on a trip to the dentist. We were not able to film inside, but we captured our thoughts before going in and after I came out of the office.

D. David Bryant is a devoted husband, father, and entrepreneur. He is a noted fatherhood advocate and keynote speaker who has traveled the nation encouraging fathers and families. He is the author of the book, "And David Danced With All His Might" and creator of an original character named Bozo the H.O.Z.O. the Christian Clown. David is very charismatic and engaging. He has a way of breaking down topics that make sense to the audience he is speaking to whether it is a group of elementary students or a group of incarcerated fathers. To be added to our mailing list to receive more content from D. David Bryant click here. Find out more information about David at and

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