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There are possible fees that apply in going this route in receiving professional services to make sure you book is

in tip top shape.  

1.  Editing the book - $160 - $500

2.  Layout of book - $150-$350

3.  Cover Design - $99 - $400

4.  Marketing your book - $250


Those are possibilities through Amazon Create Space


We at Bryant Publishing can consult with you and help you guide you through this process.  Also Create Space has great customer service.




You can Bryant Publishing publish your book for you through Amazon Create Space


With Bryant Publishing guiding your book through the process you would.


1.  Get help with you manuscript if needed.

2.  Submit your manuscript to us to have it edited and returned to you until you were satisfied.

3.  Upload your book to Amazon Create Space for you

4.  Make sure your book receives an ISBN

5. Help you with the title of your book if needed.

6.  Help with layout and design

7.  Design or contract a designer for the cover of your book and based off your input.

8.  Consult with you of the size of your book.

9.  Provide a PDF proof of your book before publishing

10.  Set you up as an Author on

11.  Create your website as an author to help market your book.

12.  Provide marketing ideas and a little marketing of your book to gain more exposure.


You would be in control.  As an author myself, I know that's important.


Price to publish with Bryant Publishing :  I would be better be able to quote you an accurate price once we speak, but anywhere between $900-$4000, but this all depends on what you are wanting to do.  You are in control. We can definitely work out a payment plan as well.   Bryant Publishing would incur 10% royalty of your book and you would incur the remaining of the appropriate fees less what Amazon Create Space charges.


Next Steps:  We can schedule a time to speak over the phone, video chat, or face to face to go over details.


By the way, we would have a contract for both parties to sign to make sure we hold each other accountable.



Thank you so much, 


Derrick David Bryant

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