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Fathers, Walk the Walk

I remember hearing a story my inherited father (stepdad) told me about his biological children one time. He was very involved in his church at the time and basically attend church all day on Sunday starting from Sunday School, to morning worship, sometimes afternoon service, and Sunday night Service. He decided that he would stop going to Sunday School because it was more for the children anyway. Well, as he stopped going and waking up early. His children, my siblings, started giving him fits about going to Sunday School and no longer wanted to go. Why, you may ask? Because the father, the leader of the family stopped going.

Watch this video log entitled "Lead By Example". Fathers Make A Difference.

D. David Bryant is a devoted husband, father, and entrepreneur. He is a noted fatherhood advocate and keynote speaker who has traveled the nation encouraging fathers and families. He is the author of the book, "And David Danced With All His Might" and creator of an original character named Bozo the H.O.Z.O. the Christian Clown. David is very charismatic and engaging. He has a way of breaking down topics that make sense to the audience he is speaking to whether it is a group of elementary students or a group of incarcerated fathers. To be added to our mailing list to receive more content from D. David Bryant click here. Find out more information about David at and

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