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Background on our Children's Entertainment 

Some people may say that David Bryant is Bozo the H.O.Z.O the Christian Clown  without makeup.  Other people may say that he is Bozo the Hozo's manager.  Either way you look at it, children of all ages enjoy Mr. David.  

Mr. David worked at Chuck E. Cheese's during high school.  He was also a youth pastor for 10 years.  He worked at Head Start with 0-5 year old children for 8 years.  Another note about Mr. David is that he has been a summer camp counselor for 17 years.  His experience with children is well over 20 years.  

So whether you want the ever entertaining Bozo the Hozo or someone a little scaled back on the make up side, but still entertaining, you can take your pick. Preschools all over the area have enjoyed both.  Mr. David enjoys making balloon animals for the children and tells interactive stories that get the children up on their feet right in the middle of the story.  Occasionally, Mr. David will bring in his electric keyboard and sing classic kids songs and a few originals.  You will enjoy him.

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