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David Bryant is a fun, exciting, and energetic speaker who has touched the lives thousands of young people and adults for the past 15 years. David loves helping individual and families realize their potential.  He has a wealth of experience conference and workshop speakers, television and theater experience, a long history of public speaking experience.  David has worked with and motivated many adults and children in various venues, to feel good about them and to strive to do better.

 In 2000, David was contracted as a Prevention Education Specialist by the Youth and Young Adult Activity Center of Lockhart, TX to go into the local school district on a daily to weekly basis to teach a Life Skills Curriculum to the students.  The research-based curriculum focused on equipping the students with the skills they needed to say no to tobacco, alcohol, marijuana, and other drugs.  David worked as a prevention education specialist with grades 1st through 12th.  The students looked forward to the time, Mr. Bryant came to visit.  David spoke to single classes, combined classes, and to entire grades at a time.  

In 2007 David spent a season as Travel Team Leader with Real Life Communications.  He traveled the state of Texas with 5 well trained teen motivational speakers.  This group led by David, spoke to over 20,000 students in the month of October.  From this platform, David was also invited back 2 years in a row to a Katy High School to address the incoming freshman class of about a thousand students.  The organization still exist promoting great topics and encouraging students.  More information can be found at

David also has created a clown character. (You can visit ).    Bozo the Hozo, the Christian Clown, as he calls himself, has performed and entertained thousands of people.  He performs for both Christian and non-Christian venues such as church events, festivals, parades, child care facilities, school assemblies, and more.  He is a well-loved humorous clown that brings a smile to many faces. 


David Bryant can come to your school as a one-time speaker or can be an ongoing speaker that comes on a weekly basis for a pre-determined amount of time.  He can address specific topics you have in mind such as bullying and character traits or other motivational subjects.  

Not only is David a great option for youth, but as an ordained elder, pastor, and conference speaker, he is ideal for motivating adults too.  In April 2017, David spoke to a group of 200 fathers and father figures on the importance of fatherhood.  Men walked away encouraged and motivated.  David has a quarterly appointment at a Texas correctional facility speaking to a small group of of male and female inmates.

Whatever topic your school or organization requires, we are confident that we at Bryant Enterprises can meet that need.

Motivational Speaker

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