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David Bryant has over 20 years experience working with students.  From speaking to a class of 500 incoming Freshman near Houston,Texas to speaking to a class of 15 seniors, David has managed to connect with students in a fun, entertaining, and meaningful way.  During his 45 minute presentation he will cover:

Can I trust you?  Through a video and interactive skit, David explores topic of trust with parents, teachers, friends, and potential employers.

Through a choreographed hip hop rap song, the students will learn about respect and lack thereof.  David talks the consequences of disrepecting authority and themselves.

                          Responsibility (Bullying)
After a quick starter video, David address Bullying and taking responsibility for one's action at school, home, and on jobs.

                                  Decision Making
David calls for crowd participation and volunteers as he takes a spin on the song made famous by the Supremes "Stop In the Name of Love".  This is a always a favorite.  He also talks about name calling, labeling, and addresses peer pressure dealing with alcohol and drugs.

Students will learn about basic rights they have as citizens of this great country. but David takes it a step further.  Students have a right to be original, a right to succeed, to get good grades, to care about their school, to take pride in themselves, and more.  This is conveyed through music and an energetic motivational speaker.


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