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Whether it be as his famous clown character or David himself, thousands of students from around the state of Texas has enjoyed this entertaining motivational speaker. He is a passionate and humorous speaker that students and teachers enjoy. 

When tailoring assemblies to school districts needs, David has found focusing on certain character traits such as 



This trait is conveyed through a funny skit between Bozo the Hozo/David and his friend Martha.

This trait is conveyed through a song about respect using volunteers from the audience.

This trait is demonstrated in a story about a man given an huge task of building a boat and saving the day.

This trait is shown through a skit on bullying.

Bozo the Hozo/David talks about littering. Is it right?
This trait is shown to the kids through an unforgettable song.


David has been truly effective with the students and help bring home some valuable concepts that the teachers and administrators teach them throughout the school year.  The program he brings is about 45 minutes and can include all the above or just a few of the traits mentioned.

We can also tailor a elementary using either David or Bozo the Hozo.



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