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We Aim To Enhance Your Existing Goals Through Our Family Engagement and Family Entertainment Services We Provide! 

Children's Entertainment

  • Clowning - Bozo the Hozo the Christian Clown has been entertaining at childcare centers and summer camps for over a decade.  He involves learning, singing, and motion to keep the children involved and entertained.  More information on this hilarious character at

  • Costumed Characters - Besides a clown, we also offer costumed characters such as Santa, Reindeer, Seasame Street Characters, Mickey Mouse and Minnie, Tiana from the Princess and the Frog and much more.

  • Balloon Artist - Our clown does make balloon animals, however if you feel that you want a regular person, our clown actor, who is a long time pre-school educator, can come and make balloon animals for your children.

Educational Toys

  • At Bryant Enterprises, we are an affiliate of discovery toys.  We help to bring educational kid-powered toys to local families.  You can purchase toys from us or we can help with a fundraiser to earn free toys for your center.  More information at

Engages Parents at the Center

  • Parents & Guardians - At Bryant Enterprises, David and Mary Bryant use their knowledge and experiences to train, share ideas, and share best practices with staff on how to get parents involved with the center from volunteering to participating in parent-child activities.

  • Mom - We can help plan groups for moms and how to get more moms involved.

  • Dad - We specialize in father involvement.  Some things we offer training and talks on is The Importance of Fathers, Engaging Fathers at Your Centers, and Creating a Father Friendly Environment.

Website Services

  • Web Development - We help small businesses like yours set up a very affordable website.  We work with you to create and manage the site you need.

  • Training Staff to Manage Site - Another option we offer is training staff on free website platforms, how to create a website, and how to manage it effectively while keeping your content current.

Children's Books

  • Clowns Aren't Meant to Be Scary - by Derrick David Bryant

  • My Dad Works Hard - by Derrick David Bryant

  • Mi Papi Trabjo Duro - by Derrick David Bryant

Budding Authors and Artist

  • At Bryant Enterprises, we also publish books.  We can help take your your budding authors and aritist work and put it in book form.  We can also make it available for purchase on

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